Eva Nahari


Director of Product Management at Cloudera

Eva Nahari has been working with Java virtual machine technologies, SOA, Cloud, and other enterprise middleware solutions for the past 15 years. With a past as developer of JRockit (the world’s fastest JVM). Eva has been awarded two patents on Garbage Collection heuristics and algorithms. She also pioneered Deterministic Garbage Collection. She’s managed many technical partnerships, among others Sun, Intel, Dell, and Redhat, as well as product integration projects (JRockit/Coherence/WebLogic, Zing/RHEL, Cloudera Search). After productizing the worlds most pauseless JVM – Zing – at Azul Systems, she joined Cloudera in 2012. Since, she’s helped drive the future of distributed data processing through Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop and expedited the next gen of integrated search engines.

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Solving Real and Big (Data) Problems Using Hadoop by Eva Andreasson – YOW! 2014

YOW! 2016 Melbourne

Solving Real and Big (Data) Problems Using Hadoop


What do organizations do with Hadoop? What are the components in the Hadoop ecosystem used for?

This talk will take you through a story about “DataCo” and how they use various tools in the “Big Data Landscape” to address a handful of business needs that come with data challenges. DataCo might be a made up company, but the use cases exemplified and show cased in this high-level tutorial, are based on real world use cases.

At the end of this talk a set of common use cases as well as a couple of unique ones will be shared, to inspire what really is possible, when organizations start looking at what they can get out of exploring their big data space.