Marc Prud’hommeaux


Principal Developer At Impathic, author of Stanza

Marc Prud’hommeaux is the principal developer at Impathic, makers of enterprise database and data visualization apps for iOS and the Mac. Marc has been developing for Cocoa in Objective-C since 2006, and he was the author of the first e-book reader in the Apple App Store: Stanza. Before that, he was an enterprise Java developer and one of the original authors of Apache OpenJPA. He has been writing software for over 30 years and given talks, presentations, and trainings in a dozen countries.

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

Swift: New Paradigms for iOS Development


This talk with discuss Apple’s new Swift programming language for the development of iOS and Mac apps. A language overview and comparison to other popular modern languages will be provided, followed by coverage of the new data structures and functional programming abilities of the language, interoperability with other languages, and a frank discussion of the advantages and shortcomings of using Swift for future development