Dave Hahn


Senior Engineer Critical Operations & Reliability at Netflix

Dave Hahn is a Senior Engineer in Netflix’s Operations and Reliability Engineering team where the team focuses on high velocity operations, distributed systems, and unique failures. Dave designed the team’s response and mitigation models, designed training for other engineering groups, and works on hardware and software project inside and outside of Netflix. Before Netflix, Dave worked with other high speed transaction organizations as well as designing network and support system for medical technology.

YOW! 2015 Melbourne

A Day in the Life of a Netflix Engineer


Netflix is a large and ever-changing ecosystem made up of:

  • hundreds of production changes every hour,
  • thousands of micro services,
  • tens of thousands of instances,
  • millions of concurrent customers
  • billions of metrics every minute.

This is an in-the-trenches look at what operating at Netflix scale is really like. It covers how Netflix views the velocity of innovation, expected failures, high availability, engineer responsibility, and obsessing over the quality of the customer experience. It also explains why freedom and responsibility are key, trust is required, and chaos is your friend.