Jon Williams


Fractional CTO

With more than 25 years experience developing, deploying and managing technology solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to international corporations, Jon has been involved in many of the technology innovations of the digital era, including real-time ad delivery, eCommerce, music download technologies, e-learning, digital printing and SaaS. As a strategist and CTO, Jon has enabled New York based companies such as Kaplan Test Prep, NBC/Universal, Experian CheetahMail, Time Warner, Grey Healthcare and many others to translate their business needs into technology applications and successful product launches. Jon specializes in architecture, turnarounds, and building effective teams and processes.

Jon works as a Fractional CTO in New York, assisting clients with technology change and growth. Clients include MasterCard, AutoTrader, AOL, Tremor Video, AppNexus, Atlas Air, TheaterMania, Lifecare, Plated & Jibe. Jon co-founded the New York CTO Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional organization for 100+ technology leaders, now in its 15th year, who meet monthly to share insights and support each other. Jon is also a mentor in Columbia University’s Executive Masters in Technology Management program, and Bronx Academy of Software Engineering’s iMentor program. In 2008 he was named one of Infoworld’s top 25 CTOs. Jon received a BS in Computer Science from Melbourne University in Australia.

YOW! 2015 Melbourne

Virtual Teams: Making Them Work


The use of virtual teams continues to grow as companies look well beyond the 30-minute commute to find the right people with the right stuff. Companies who limit their sights to local workers are missing the vast majority of the labor pool. Winning organizations are reaching well beyond their city, state, and even country borders to find the best of the best so they can deliver high-performance results.

Virtual teams are not business as usual in most companies. One needs to consider different types of configurations, what projects can be tackled, and the mechanics of how a virtual team works to be successful with this approach. A virtual team needs to be carefully designed and managed to avoid disappointment, failure and missed opportunities.

Jon will talk about his and other’s experience on the ins and outs of virtual teams, with key takeaways for effective virtual teams.