Simon Garland


Chief Strategist, kdb+ & q Developer

Simon is responsible for upholding Kx’s high standards for technical excellence and customer responsiveness. He also manages Kx’s participation in the Securities Trading Analysis Center, overseeing all third-party benchmarking. Prior to joining Kx in 2002, Simon worked at a database search engine company. Before that he worked at Credit Suisse in risk management. Simon has developed software using kdb+ and q, going back to when the original k and kdb were introduced. Simon received his degree in Mathematics from the University of London and is currently based in Europe.

YOW! 2015 Melbourne

Always Keep a Benchmark in your Back Pocket


As programmers we all know about the importance of test suites but tend to leave creating a benchmark – either to measure against other software solutions, or to compare hardware choices – until the last minute. That can lead to a hardware choice made on too few criteria, having to react to a competing shiny solution on their ground, or simply continuing with your own ””new features”” when they should be taken behind the woodshed.

This can determine your work environment and team membership for years. I will discuss ways to avoid being caught out, and the importance of taking the time to prepare in advance.