Damon Oehlman


Front End Engineer at Canva


Damon is a passionate software developer with experience that spans various application platforms and technology stacks. He currently works for Canva as a front-end engineer in an environment where shipping code and software quality are of equal importance. For the last 6 years, Damon’s primary focus has been on JavaScript and developing applications that embrace the capabilities of modern desktop and mobile browsers.

Damon has worked in a diverse range of environments including his own niche development company, large corporates (both as a developer and in management), research and design labs and most recently one of Australia’s most exciting tech companies. This diversity has provided Damon an understanding of development processes of different organisations. He is also passionate that as developers we much embrace change to ensure we continue to provide quality and value in our software development activities.


Pro Android Web Apps: Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

YOW! 2016 Melbourne

The Past, Present and Future Of Typed JS (ECMAScript)

As the complexity of “client-side” web applications grow, so too does the need for the tools and techniques used in their construction to become more robust. For most of us our focus has primarily been on how we can consume and integrate components that have a level of trust associated with them, and also how we can create our own for consumption within our organisation. More recently though the concept of embracing static typing and a compilation pipeline as part of our application builds has gained traction.

This talk will provide some comparisons between different options for providing type information within your ECMAScript code. We will primarily consider Google’s Closure Compiler, Microsoft’s TypeScript and Facebook’s Flow. This is due to their nature of largely being ””plain old JavaScript”” rather than a whole new language. In addition to the high level comparisons, practical examples of each will be provided plus some personal retrospectives on using Closure Compiler as part of Canva’s development tooling.


Closure Compiler, Typescript, Flowtype, JavaScript, ECMAScript, ES6, Type Systems