Ian Crosby


Senior Engineer at Container Solutions


Ian Crosby is a long time software developer, enthusiast, and advocate. He cut his teeth developing military defence systems and has since aimed to use his powers for good.

He is active in sharing knowledge, lessons learned and experiences with companies and community alike.

In his current role as Senior Engineer at Container Solutions in Amsterdam he assists companies move into the new containerised landscape, while also working with partners to develop the tooling which will get us there.

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YOW! 2016 Melbourne

Containerise Everything: Going Cloud Native With Docker


We built a reference application for microservices (https://microservices-demo.github.io/) and along the way we heavily (ab)used container technologies. From the services, to databases, to builds, tests, through continuous integration and deployment pipeline. In this talk I’ll look at how we leveraged containers throughout, where this approach was really beneficial and where it turned out to be more hindrance than stimulus.

Docker, Containers, Cloud, Microservices, Deployment, Continuous Integration