Jan Moller


CTO at Chainalysis, Bitcoin expert


Jan has been developing professional software for more than 2 decades, and has over the years been tech lead on numerous projects based on cryptography running in high security and heavily controlled environments in the financial sector. In recent years Jan has been working on x86 virtualization at VMware, principal engineer at Mycelium, and now CTO at Chainalysis.

With a background in computer science, cryptography, and large scale distributed systems Bitcoin was simply too interesting to let go. Jan discovered Bitcoin in early 2011 and fell down the rabbit hole. As of 2012 he has replaced virtual machines with virtual coins.

Recent Interviews

Bitcoin 2014 conference – Interviewing Jan Møller and Andreas Petersson


Mycelium Wallet

YOW! 2016 Melbourne

How the Bitcoin Protocol Actually Works


The bitcoin network is the largest distributed computer in existence. It is a solution – suggested in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto – to the problem of distributed consensus that many scientists thought impossible.

This talk will be fast-paced and highly technical, and will explain how Bitcoin actually works. The first three times you think you understand Bitcoin you are probably wrong. After this talk you can bump your wrongness down by one.


Bitcoin, Distributed Consensus, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency