Jessica Kerr


Developer at Stripe, panelist on Greater Than Code podcast

Jessica Kerr writes software at Stripe in Ruby, Scala, Go, Python, bash, and JS. She speaks internationally about Elm, Scala, Clojure, Java, Ruby. One might mistake her for a language buff – but really, she is into finding ways to get real work done. She likes to bring ideas from each community into her team, her writing, twitter, the Ruby Rogues podcast, and of course: conferences like YOW. She’s spoken at many across the US and Europe, including StrangeLoop and Øredev; and keynoted several, including Craft in Budapest, CodeMesh in London, and ElixirConf. Talk to her about dependency graphs, types and tests, Western art music, children, and octopuses.

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Adventures in Elm: Question your Principles


What do you get when you combine strict functional programming with heavy user interaction?

Challenges, and unexpected freedoms.

Elm is a purely functional language for the browser. It compiles to JavaScript – after enforcing immutability, types, semantic versioning, and tight boundaries for user and server interactions. Working within these restrictions, I find my programming principles turned upside down. Small components? who needs them. Global state? no problem. New principles emerge instead: events, reproducibility, kindness in times of error. This session gives an overview of Elm, then focuses on the Elm Architecture. See how this lets me do front end development like never before: free of runtime errors, full of joy and possibilities.


JavaScript, Elm, Web, Functional, Event Sourcing, Architecture, Languages