Josh Duck


Frontend Engineering Manager at Facebook

Josh Duck is a Brisbane native and frontend engineer at Facebook. He’s contributed to React, managed the open source effort behind Relay, and has helped build Facebook products like Profile and Search. He is currently leading an effort to improve JavaScript initialization on Facebook’s desktop website.


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YOW! 2016 Melbourne

Frontend At Scale: Designing Infra For Big Teams


The frontend ecosystem is a rich and complex environment. Developing high quality web applications means understanding browser quirks, web performance, testing strategies, and API design. Consistently getting all of this right is difficult in an organization where hundreds of engineers are collaborating on the same codebase.

In this talk we look at the solutions Facebook has developed for data fetching, code delivery, performance profiling, and testing React applications. And we review the methodologies Facebook uses when designing new infrastructure like Relay and GraphQL.


React, GraphQL, Redux, Flux, Relay, JS, Frontend, Performance