Paul Rayner


Consultant, Coder, Coach at Virtual Genius

Paul Rayner is one of the world’s leading BDD and DDD practitioners. He is a programmer, coach, mentor, trainer, and popular international conference speaker. With over 25 years of hands-on software development experience in a variety of industries, Paul is a seasoned agile design coach and leadership mentor, helping teams ignite their design skills via DDD, BDD and UXD.

His company Virtual Genius LLC, provides training and coaching in collaborative design for agile teams. Paul is from Perth, Australia, but chooses to live, work and play with his wife and two children, in Denver, Colorado.

I co-founded and co-lead DDD Denver. Look for me speaking at local user groups, and at regional and international conferences.

If you are looking for an expert hands-on team coach and design mentor in Domain-Driven Design (DDD), BDD with Cucumber, or lean/agile process I am available for consulting and training through my company, Virtual Genius LLC..

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EventStorming – Collaborative Learning for Complex Domains


EventStorming enables a team struggling with understanding and exploring a complex business problem to model that problem collaboratively in hours instead of weeks. In this talk you’ll learn how this technique quickly generates shared understanding and insights into how the software can, and should, support the business capability being explored.

In EventStorming, development team members and business people gather in a room and together they create a visual map of the flow of events – important things that happen – through concrete business examples. They use sticky notes to map out a story of how the software system behaves, or should behave, given a particular business problem to solve. This session will teach you the rules of EventStorming and how it can help your team cultivate shared understanding and be more productive.


EventStorming, Domain-Driven Design, DDD, Agile