Quinton Anderson


Head of Engineering – Analytics and Information at Commonwealth Bank


Quenton Anderson is a delivery focussed IT Leader andis currently the Head of Engineering – Analytics and Information at Commonwealth Bank. I believe in building a team with the right people and then enabling them to succeed. I believe that a highly motivated and skilled team is vital to success and that my role in a management position is to create an environment in which this exists and then combine it with the appropriate processes, domain expertise and technology to create success. I find delivering IT projects extremely challenging and exciting. I believe that software systems should be engineered through quantitative and disciplined processes and that quality should be an absolute focus.


Storm Real-Time Processing Cookbook

YOW! 2016 Melbourne

Immutable Data Infrastructure Behind The Firewall


An immutable infrastructure is one that is comprised of immutable components that are replaced for every deployment, rather than being updated in-place. The benefit is you get a more predictable infrastructure and deployment process with less inconsistency.

We will explore some of the difficulties involved in provisioning your own scale data infrastructure and some of the principled approaches we are taking at Commonwealth Bank to deal with these problems.


Immutable, Big Data, Infrastructure, Scale