Sean Chittenden


Engineering Manager at HashiCorp, FreeBSD & PostgreSQL community veteran

Sean Chittenden is an Engineering Manager at HashiCorp. He is a long-time participant of the FreeBSD and PostgreSQL communities and a 15+ year veteran of large scale web infrastructure. At HashiCorp Sean is focused on the enterprise delivery of HashiCorp’s tools (i.e. Consul, Nomad, Terraform, and Vault) and making the world of operations a better place. Prior to HashiCorp Sean’s notable recent projects include designing and building Groupon’s internal Database-as-a-Service offering.


Professional Apache 2.0

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With the rate at which tooling evolving at an accelerating rate, how does your organization keep up? What does a winning migration strategy from static iron to a modern infrastructure built on immutable microservices look like? Nuke and pave the world, and embrace a forklift upgrade to a new technology stack? Dynamic secrets, infrastructure as code, immutable servers, service discovery, and cluster schedulers are becoming the norm, learn how to integrate these puzzle pieces successfully into your organization and applications.


Operations, Organisation, Change, Cluster Scheduler, Service Discovery, Consul, Nomad, Terraform, Vault, Fabio, Dynamic Secrets